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Measures taken by HOTEL NUEVO TORRELUZ, TORRELUZ CENTRO and Aparthotel, following the protocols of the institute for the Spanish tourist quality (ICTE)

Our purpose is that you can enjoy your stay, for work or leisure, with the maximum guarantees. By implementing measures to reduce hygiene-health risks against covid-19, we will protect the health of our customers and employees.

To fulfill it, the following actions have been carried out:

  • carrying out a contingency plan, with training for all staff.
  • guaranteeing the safety distance with physical marking and capacity limitation.
  • temperature measurements on each work shift for staff, with a non-contact thermometer, also available for customers.
  • hydroalcoholic dispensers, for hand hygiene, at the entrance of all common dependencies, requesting their use.
  • protecting customer service points with screens and masks.
  • extreme cleaning and disinfection processes in rooms, common areas, food processing and service.
  • disinfection, at least 6 frequencies a day, of usual contact points: counters, toilets, carpet, entrance, lift keypads, handles, et...
  • disinfection after use of: ballpoint pen, POS keyboard, room access cards.
  • We offer gastronomy services in an open-air terrace, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day of the week, with letters by QR reader and signage, complying with all the distance and disinfection measures.
  • reduction of textiles in rooms, with disinfection by washing at + 60o of all lingerie, disinfection of mini bar and emptying of the content (being available at reception).
  • protection with bagging after disinfection of: bathroom amenities, glasses, Tv remote, blankets and additional pillows.
  • It is not recommended to share the use of rooms by people who are not from the same family unit.
  • The service will not be provided in the rooms, without the clients leaving it, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • frequent daily ventilation of the entire installation, as well as cleaning of air filters periodically conditioned.
  • the use of the gym and solarium-spa, will be upon individual reservation (or family unit) by intervals of 1 hour, proceeding with disinfection after use. Towel will be provided specific at reception, its use being mandatory.
  • We have 700 m2 of rooms, divided into 5 individually, with limited capacity, indications of distance and use by the staff of one-use gloves and a mask. You can hold your family or corporate meeting, with all the guarantees.

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